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Precision made Valves

Ausvalve is a leading supplier of stainless steel valves, butterfly valves, process valves, sight glasses, strainers, plug cocks and other associated process equipment and fittings.

Our state-of-the-art product range of valves and fittings for industrial and sanitary purposes support a broad range of industries including the food, wine and beverage industries, dairy industry, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

Ausvalve are the sole importers and distributor of the comprehensive portfolio of the industry leading range of the Italian precision made Tassalini food and beverage process valves and other associated process equipment.

Tassalini S.p.A.

Tassalini’s 80 years of experience in machining workshops and for the past 40 years have made high-tech valves and fittings of its own exclusive design and manufacture for the food, wine beverages, chemical and pharmaceutical industries ensures that Ausvalve can deliver the highest quality products and value-added services that improve our customers’ business efficiency.

The Tassalini range of products are manufactured in conformity with the main international standards (DIN, SMS, RJT BS, ISS IDF, BSP, Eno, Macon, and Clamp standards) and includes unions; reducers; tees; bends; filters and sight glasses; plug cocks; flow control,relief, and check valves; different types of butterfly valves with manual or pneumatic controls, designed for the insertion of electrical components; ball valves; pneumatic, 3-A, and drainage valves; diaphragm valves.

All Tassalini products are made of AISI 304L and AISI 316L stainless steel from hot-rolled material or press-forged sections, solution heat-treated and machined.

Our service, support, and local expertise is backed by our overseas manufacturers and suppliers to enables us to provide the optimum solutions for the most challenging applications.


We use energy from 100% renewable sources


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We make our lives greener and that of our customers