Diaphragm Valves

Diaphragm valve TC
with pneumatic actuator
NC SE 58KE25

Diaphragm valve EL
with pneumatic actuator
NC SE 58WE25

Manual diaphragm valve TC

Diaphragm valve TC
with pneumatic actuator
NC SE 60KE25

Our diaphragm valves are made in strict conformity with the criteria and tests required by the 3-A standards. The bodies are manufactured from Aisi 316L stainless steel and press-forged, solution heat-treated and polished. The manual and pneumatic controls allow high temperature sterilization.

The standard diaphragm material is food-grade EPDM. PTFE diaphragms are available as an option. The EPDM diaphragms and the elastic supports for the PTFE diaphragms are fabric-finished to give high mechanical strength. The valve design ensures complete insulation from external pollutants and self-drainage of all internal parts during CIP process.

Maintenance is reduced and top-entry with easy access and no need of removing the valve from the system.

The standard finish is 150 grit (Ra 0.76-0.89 µm max).
240 grit (Ra 0.38-0.51 µm max) and 400 grit finish (Ra 0.2 µm max) are available as options.

The maximum operating pressure is 7 bars.