Ball Valves

Compact Ball Valve EL
W81 51

Drainage Ball Valve TC
W51 51

Sanitary Ball Valve EL
W90 51

Our ball valves are of heavy duty construction. The parts in contact with the fluid are manufactured exclusively of Aisi 316L stainless steel.

The valves are easy to sterilize and disassemble. Models 50 and 51 are equipped with side entry and bottom port for drainage and internal parts are easy to reach during CIP process. In models 71 and 81 the ball is contained in the flange with lightening of the structure and reduction of valve volume. Models 90 and 91 can be disassembled on line and model 90 is manufactured in conformity with the 3-A standards.

All flanges are interchangeable. Ball valves can be actuated either manually or pneumatically. The pneumatic controls can be horizontal and vertical, single-effect, double-effect, and modulating. They can be fitted with control tops and proximity contacts, microswitches, solenoid valves, connectors.

The standard finish is 150 grit (Ra 0.76-0.89 µm max).

The maximum operating pressure is 10 bars.